This is the place where I tell you a little about me and this book.

I’m Mark. I’ve grown up in the ministry, and for the past 25+ years have been a pastor. All my life I’ve been around pastors and churches, and let me say there is no group of people I love more than pastors. Whether it’s a bi-vocational pastor of a small, rural church, a full-time pastor with a large staff, a children’s pastor, a worship pastor – I love pastors.

The pastor is the shepherd working under the authority of Jesus Christ with a local flock of believers, and many churches and pastors have marvelous synchronicity and enjoy a mutually-beneficial ministry together. The pastor ministering to the needs of the flock, and the flock protecting and caring for their shepherd.

Sometimes, though, something goes wrong inside of the flock. Rather than following the pastor’s leadership and receiving the pastor’s care, one (or more) of the flock begin to turn on this shepherd. Sometimes the build-up is obvious, sometimes it’s explosive and comes seemingly from nowhere, but regardless, the sheep attack.

“When Sheep Attack,” the fallout surrounding the attack can take its toll on the shepherd, the flock, and the attack sheep. Join me as we explore together some of the reasons, some of the challenges before, during, and after an attack, some things we can do to stop or lessen the attack, and how to pick up the pieces afterwards.

I don’t have all the answers, but there’s some stuff I’ve learned through the years watching, working with, and coaching pastors that I think will help.